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AT Nordic Property Group AB was founded in 2017 by senior retail and real estate experts Therese Lindsley and Anders Malmgren. With 70 years of experience in national and international real estate and retail sector incl. project development launch, leasing management, asset and budget management, VC investments and M&As, clients trust AT Nordic Property Group´s delivery of results, value and speed. The company has its headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, and work in close collaboration with its international extensive network in both private and public sector.

The company´s clients are Nordic based commercial real estate owners and funds as well as investors from around the globe.

AT Nordic Property group currently has four operating business units:

Development in commercial real estate for retail, office, logistic and industrial property with focus on concept development, leasing, streamlining and strategic advice.

Capital investment and aqcusitions for commercial real estate.

Analytics and leads generation. At Nordic Property Group provides services such as screening and mapping, market analysis, business analysis, trend analysis, market observation and leads generation.

Events and seminars, large and small.

AT Nordic Property Group employs three people Therese Lindsley, co-founder and CEO, and Anders Malmgren, Co-founder and Head of Operations and Lotta Sleight, Project Manager.

We always aim to work with local presence in close collaboration with our extensive network in the public and private sector. We are a strong team of experts with global experience and with a history in successful projects.  

We look forward to working with you!


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